Antonia Krasimirova

It is good for everyone to find themselves, their vocation, profession, hobby and to live like themselves for as long as possible!

Me and my job ...

I've been a hairdresser for 11 years! I have proven myself in my profession mainly as a colorist. I have participated in international and domestic trainings and events. Teacher for 5 years. Colors have always attracted me!

Me and my hobby ...

I've been painting since I was little. I remember going to classes! I still keep them, some of the children's graphics and drawings! Then we got lost with my painting for a while, but they always find you...the good things. It was quite difficult for me to start selling my paintings. The first painting I sold took me about two months to separate! The woman who bought it enjoys a 50% lifetime discount, if it weren't for her I might never have had this site and a lot of paintings and orders already sold!

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